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If you are here, you probably know a bit about soap nuts or soapberries. You are likely considering income or business opportunities, and seek a reputable supplier for quality wholesale or bulk soap berry products. You may be weighing the pros and cons of private labeling your own versus offering a name brand. You may be considering a start-up, or already have an established business. You may head-up a Co-op or community organization simply looking for large orders with good discounts. You may be a natural soap producer or formulator and seek to integrate the wonders of saponin in your products. You may even be doing academic research into the ecological benefits of this rediscovered miracle of nature. Regardless of who and why, you have come to the right place.

Many of you think of soap nuts as an alternative, chemical-free, organic laundry soap or detergent. That is typically first to raise ones interest in soap nuts. Considering the rapid growth in demand for safer and more ecologically friendly cleaning products, the massive size of the overall soap marketplace, and the uniqueness and novelty of soapberries, they appear to be an entrepreneur’s dream-come-true. And that is correct. Whether soap nuts become your core business or a product line extension, there are many lucrative opportunities available for you and the soapberry.

This site is going to open up many doors. That will involve both conveying important, accurate information, and providing good product supply. No matter what size of buyer you may be, or depth of information you seek, the goal here is to fulfill your needs. However, is geared towards assisting you in making wise, prudent decisions – not merely selling you something.

It is our belief that soapberries and saponin are key to a new age in how the world views detergents and cleaners of all types. From laundry to personal care to household and outdoor cleaning solutions, they are an age-old solution to a myriad of problems that plague us today. During this century soap nuts and saponin will undo much of what we think about soaps and detergents – most of which was derived from the last century of brainwashing through marketing.

Any way you shake it, P&G is a manufacturer of chemical products. They have grown in size and global power the likes of which boggles the mind. They have influenced and often determined many of the simple daily choices we all make. Today we have a new alternative – a better choice – one that was not developed in a P&G lab. You can be a part of sharing that alternative with the world – plus make some money in the process.

At SoapNutsSupplier we care about doing things right. We seek quality over quantity, truth over hype, and long-term success over transient mediocrity. If you are seriously looking for such success in the “soap nut business”, if you wish to lead and not follow, if you seek more than competing over pennies on eBay, then your search is over.

No matter what your goal is, if it involves saponin and the soapberry, you are home at SoapNutsSupplier.